Opening a Business
in Portugal

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 Getting Started (E-2-E services)


1.    Foreign Personal partnership


     a.      Apply for a local Tax number


2.    Foreign Business partnership


     a.      Copy of the business registration & VAT number (translated)

     b.      Affidavit of the company representative (translated)

3.    Check for the existence of the new name (3 names to be given)

4.    Decide on a legal structure or business structure and incorporate: Corporation, LLC, or Sole Proprietorship.

5.    Decide on the starting capital (as from 500 Euros)

6.    Register the company at RNPC (Registo Nacional Pessoas Colectivas)

7.    Chose an address/email for the notifications

8.    Find appropriate space to become your primary business location.


9.    Once location is secured, get services set up in the business name, including primary phone number and other necessary utilities.


10. Open a business bank account and apply for a business credit card.


11. Get your website up and running.


12. Set up an accounting and record keeping system:



a.    hire an accountant,



b.    Notify the Tax authorities on the start date of the activity


13. Prepare and begin networking with pre-marketing materials:



 Ensuring Sufficient Funds are Available


1.    Estimate how long it will take for your business to acquire paying customers.


2.    Itemize your business expenses for the first year, at least, and assess where these will come from.


3.    Itemize how much capital is required to launch the business and project how long it will take to become profitable.


4.    From this, determine how many months of savings or investment you need to breakeven.


5.    If outside investment is required beyond the founders’ savings, complete a business plan.



  Service Deliverables

-                  Fiscal tax certificate

-                  ;Business Registration

-                  ;Official translations

-                  Accountancy contract

-                  Legal services

-                  Office rental contract

-                  Website (mobile compliant) with the company name and list of services

-                  Temporary usage of a local address

-                  Local help and support for 30 days after the business setup is completed




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